产品参数-Product parameters
 型号-Model  XJT-PG10XP
 电压-Voltage  220V/50hz
 功率-Power  0.18kw
 产量-Production  8-10pcs/min
 适用苹果直径-Applicable apple diameter  50-80mm
 捅核尺寸-Nugget size  22mm
 分瓣规格-Splitting specifications  2、4、6、8、12
 产品尺寸-Product size  630*350*420mm

产品介绍-product description


Product use

苹果削皮去心分瓣机是用于苹果加工的专用机械,它是集苹果削皮、捅核、分瓣三位一体的加工机器,可广泛用于苹果果桨、罐头加 工领域。该机自动化程度高、操作维修简单方便,与物料接触部分全部 采用食品级卫生材料,减少了产品在加工时的再次污染。
The apple peeler, corer, and split machine is a specialized machine used for apple processing. It is a processing machine that integrates apple peeler, corer, and split. It can be widely used in the fields of apple pulp and canned food processing. This machine has a high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, and all parts in contact with materials are made of food grade sanitary materials, reducing the re pollution of the product during processing.


产品展示-Product display

-产品实拍 拒绝过度美化-

Refuse to over-beautify the product

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公司简介-Company Profile


About us

      广州欣加特机械设备有限公司实力雄厚,重信用,守合同、保证产品质量,赢得了广大客户的信任。期盼您的随时垂询,早日成为您食品加工行业的合作伙伴!Guangzhou Xinjiate Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a company specializing in the production and sales of meat processing equipment, milling and crushing processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, flour products baking and processing series and other food machinery in Guangzhou. We can provide non-standard customization, OEM co processing, and supporting supply solutions for corresponding assembly lines according to customers. Perhaps we have not done the most in the industry, but we must do it carefully. Your needs and ideas are our direction and motivation!

Guangzhou Xinjiate Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a strong strength, values credit, abides by contracts, and guarantees product quality, which has won the trust of customers. We look forward to your inquiry at any time and becoming your partner in the food processing industry as soon as possible!


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