产品参数-Product parameters
 型号-Model  XJT-QH3  XJT-QH5
 电压-Voltage  380V/50hz  380V/50hz
 功率-Power  2.6kw  2.6kw
 产量-Production  600kg/h  1000kg/h
 加工规格-Processing Specifications  ∅30—∅50  ∅30—∅50
 产品尺寸-Product size  3000*1080*1250mm  4000*1080*1250mm
 产品重量-Product weight  ≈520kg  ≈1000kg/h

产品介绍-product description


Product use

Adopting a highly automated and automatic mold conveyor belt feeding device for conveying and core punching, the fruit can be separated and sliced by simply placing it in a bowl. The continuous and uninterrupted work completely solves the difficulties of low efficiency, labor and time consumption in manual core removal.
The storage platform is directly combined with the template, and the fruit turnover box is placed on the platform. Simply place the fruit in the template bowl to achieve the effect of feeding and conveying. After the hole is positioned, the fruit continues to be transported and pushed forward. During the transportation process, the fruit is processed using two stages: fruit pressing, core punching, and petal cutting.


产品展示-Product display

-产品实拍 拒绝过度美化-

Refuse to over-beautify the product

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公司简介-Company Profile


About us



Guangzhou Xinjiate Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a company specializing in the production and sales of meat processing equipment, milling and crushing processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, flour products baking and processing series and other food machinery in Guangzhou. We can provide non-standard customization, OEM co processing, and supporting supply solutions for corresponding assembly lines according to customers. Perhaps we have not done the most in the industry, but we must do it carefully. Your needs and ideas are our direction and motivation!

Guangzhou Xinjiate Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a strong strength, values credit, abides by contracts, and guarantees product quality, which has won the trust of customers. We look forward to your inquiry at any time and becoming your partner in the food processing industry as soon as possible!


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