产品参数-Product parameters
 型号-Model  XJT-GZ3
 电压-Voltage  220v/50hz
 功率-Power  0.4kw
 产量-Yield  250kg/h
 滚筒尺寸-Drum size  75*100mm
 转速-Speed  15r/min
 产品尺寸-Product size  430*380*480mm
 产品净重-Net weight  ≈51kg
 产品毛重-Product gross weight  ≈70kg

产品介绍-product description


Product use


Independent juice pressing silo and detachable drum ensure that Sugar cane juice absolutely meets the sanitary standard and is convenient to clean every day. High end precision deceleration motor with powerful power, ultra-low silent automatic fine adjustment, automatically adjusted according to the size of sugarcane, one-time drying, high juice yield, time-saving and labor-saving. The entire machine is enclosed in a stainless steel outer cover, with a strong metal texture, clean and hygienic. It has a novel and beautiful circular feed inlet, precise positioning, safety and convenience. The overall filter screen has a direct current outlet, and the juice output is smoother. The start and reverse button split control make the operation simple and reliable.


产品展示-Product display

-产品实拍 拒绝过度美化-

Refuse to over-beautify the product




公司简介-Company Profile


About us



Guangzhou Xinjiate Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a company specializing in the production and sales of meat processing equipment, milling and crushing processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, flour products baking and processing series and other food machinery in Guangzhou. We can provide non-standard customization, OEM co processing, and supporting supply solutions for corresponding assembly lines according to customers. Perhaps we have not done the most in the industry, but we must do it carefully. Your needs and ideas are our direction and motivation!

Guangzhou Xinjiate Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a strong strength, values credit, abides by contracts, and guarantees product quality, which has won the trust of customers. We look forward to your inquiry at any time and becoming your partner in the food processing industry as soon as possible!


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